Best pulse oximeter review list in 2016

Find the best pulse oximeter to keep Track Of The Oxygen Levels In Your Blood.
A Pulse Oximeter measures the saturation of oxygen in your blood while also measuring your pulse rate. People who carry a portable version usually suffer from respiratory illness and chronic conditions like heart diseases, anemia, cancers etc.; Athletes like mountain climbers, scuba divers; mobile assistance providers  medical or people in the aviation industry like pilots. Click on this link to see our #1 pick on Amazon.

best pulse oximeter

Our Top 20 product Reviews:

One of the best Fingertip Pulse Oximeters: Santamedical Pulse Oximeter Review: Generation 2 SM-165 Fingertip

best pulse oximeter

Santamedical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Generation 2 SM-165 has recently upgraded its internal electronics for a better durability. It quickly and accurately measures your SpO2 pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels. One of it’s most convenient features is the self-adjusting finger clamp with a wide range of finger sizes.

  • With an accuracy of +/- 2% for SpO2 measurement (70% – 100%) and +/- 3 BPMs for pulse rate.
  • Its bright LED display shows real time pulse rates, pulse rate bars, and spO2 levels. The display is also rotatable by pressing one button.
  • This fingertip oximeter uses 2 AAA Alkaline batteries lasting for about 30 hours of constant use. It also has a low battery indicator and an auto power off function.
  • The device is very light and easily portable because it’s made out of medical grade plastic.

One of the Best Oximeters For Respiratory Therapists: Nonin Medical GO2 Achieve Personal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

best pulse oximeter

The Nonin Medical GO2 Achieve Personal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is one of the most expensive ($60+) pulse oximeters that will be reviewed in this article. Being one of the few oximeters that are manufactured in the US it is advertised as being the number one choice for respiratory therapists.

  • The device uses its own patented and clinically proven pulse oximetry technology, which makes the device almost as accurate as those used by professionals in the hospitals. It fits any finger size – from babies to adults, and shows big accuracy even in cases of low perfusion and for people with darker skin tones.
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries, with an auto power on/off which works based on the pressure of your finger placed at the required spot.
  • It is made of high-grade quality materials that can withstand drops other oximeters can’t.

Wrist Color Pulse Oximeter: CMS 50F PLUS OLED Review

best pulse oximeter

Being worn around the wrist like a watch, this oximeter was designed to measure both blood oxygen saturation levels and the pulse rate. Being priced a little below 180$ it is the most expensive watch being reviewed today in this article.

  • It’s extremely fast and accurate readings are possible due to it’s newly designed externalInnovo® SnugFit probe. This silicon probe will fit any finger and allow for continuous readings. This allows you to analyze your rates even during sleep and other activities. The probe, being very sensitive, only gives you readings if the finger is placed right.
  • This device also makes it possible to download your data for the previous 24 hours (using Bluetooth or the USB port). It also comes with a software that helps you analyze your data. It also comes with an alarm that goes off when the reading deviates from the user set ranges.

Two Way Display Finger Pulse Oximeter: Deluxe SM-110 Review

best pulse oximeter

This advice has been majorly redesigned in 2015. It is a CE and FDA approved device which has upgraded many of its internal components. It’s extremely easy to use but still really fast and accurate. It displays real-time data for oxygen saturation and a path bar for pulse rate. It accommodates all finger sizes from children to adults.

  • The makers claim an accuracy of +/- 2% for SpO2 readings and +/- 2 BPM for pulse rate, which you can view at a two-way display, allowing you to check your results on both sides of the device.
  • Included in the package, this device uses 2 AAA batteries, that last for about 30 hours of continuous use. After a period of inactivity, the device shuts off on its own. It comes with a one year warranty.

Instant Read Digital Pulse Oximeter Review: MeasuPro OX250

best pulse oximeter

The MeasiPro OX250 Instant Read. This Digital Pulse Oximeter is extremely accurate. It doesn’t only give you the Perfusion Index but also the oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings. This oximeter allows users to set limits for individual users and has an alarm when these limits are reached. It beeps for every pulse. Its accuracy and special features make the device a bit more expensive, though.

  • It is extremely accurate with accuracy levels of +/- 1% for SpO2 readings (70% – 100%) and +/- 1 BPM for pulse rate which is far more accurate than most portable devices being sold today.
  • The device runs on 2 AAA batteries and has an auto shutoff system that turns the device off after 10 seconds of inactivity.
  • The pulse rate isn’t displayed only as a bar graph but also as a wave. It is easy to use by just placing your finger into the rubber pad cavity and pressing the start button. It also has a bright display which is rotatable depending on the angle of use.

Finger Pulse Oximeter Santamedical SM-240 OLED Review

best pulse oximeter

The Santamedical SM-240 OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. It is certified for use by FDA(USA), PMDA (Japan), CMDCAS (Canada) and CE(Europe), which most other oximeters on the market aren’t.

  • One of it’s best features is it’s simplicity – having only one button. It fits all finger sizes. It has an accuracy of +/- 2% for SpO2 measurement (70% – 100%) and +/- 3 BPMs for pulse rate. This is good enough for the recommended usage for athletes and aviators. Its easy-to-read LED display shows SpO2, PR, pulse bar graph and pulses signal strength.
  • Has a low battery indicator and the manufacturer promises a 100% customer satisfaction. It works on 2 AAA1.5V alkaline batteries that are included in the package.

Acc U Rate 430/DL oximeter Review

best pulse oximeter

Accu U Rate made a premium model pulse oximeter that is CE&FDA approved. This device measures your spO2 and pulses rate very precisely even with low blood perfusion. The LED and sensor have been improved for faster results, displayed on a rotatable display in a dual coloured OLED that allows you to view your results in any direction.

  • This device uses 2 AAA batteries . It doesn’t only warn you when your battery is low – it also shuts off automatically after 8 seconds of inactivity. It comes with an 18 months warranty, which is only valid if the product was bought at Med Shop or Beyond (because of various
  • It comes with an 18 months warranty, which is only valid if the product was bought at Med Shop or Beyond (because of various plagues). This is a highly convenient device and the only oximeter sold by Acc U Rare. The package includes batteries and a lanyard.

The Best Home Pulse Oximeter: Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

best pulse oximeter

This FDA approved device measures your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It is extremely easy to use but only fits adult finger sizes. You just put your finger in and turn the device on – your results will be shown on a rotating OLED display, allowing you to see it from any angle.

  • The SpO2 levels and PR are projected with a waveform graph and a bar graph which displays the heart rate in real time.
  • It uses 2 AAA batteries which last for 30 hours of continuous working and has an auto shut off feature which turns the device off after 5 seconds of inactivity but yet saves your last mode!

Pulse Oximeter Review: CMS 50-DL

best pulse oximeter

The manufacturers recommend this fingertip oximeter for aviation and sports personnel, it is used by many professional yet is cheap enough to fit your budget. It is FDA approved. It’s very easy to use, you just turn it on and place your finger in the located spot. It has a 45-degree adjustable spring hinge that helps you  adjust it to any adult finger size. The results are shown on a bright LED screen.

  • It is extremely accurate (+/-2% for SPO2 and +/-2BPM for pulse rate) and has an interference resistance, this wards against the impact of ambient light.
  • This device uses 2 AAA batteries but makes more of it! Unlike other oximeters that use the same batteries but only get 30 hours of power, this baby can make it up to 40! It has a very efficient automatic power off feature that turns the device off after only 5 seconds of inactivity! Also has a low battery indicator.
  • It is sadly made of low-grade plastic, but is very light and comes with a bag for the device.

Pulse Oximeter Review 11#: Volmate VOL60A

best pulse oximeter

This Volmate oximeter is an FDA and CE approved device used to measure both oxygen saturation in the blood and pulse rate. One of it’s biggest features is its simplicity, it operates with only one button. With a universal finger clip which will fit anyone, kids, and adults.

  • It is very accurate and has a bright LED display, that shows a 7-segment bar graph for your pulse rate. It comes with a very well written instructional guide to help you get started. For a more convenient use, the exterior has been recently redesigned.
  • It uses 2 AAA batteries and lasts up to 50 hours of continuous use and of course has a low battery indicator and an auto shut off mode, which activates after 8 seconds of inactivity. Compared to other devices it uses way less energy.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review: Concord Generation 3

best knee oximeter

This fingertip oximeter from CHS shows your blood oxygen saturation level, pulse strength, and pulse rate. With the touch of a button, the results are shown on a bright red perfusion LED display which is visible in any lighting. This device is good for sports and aviation purposes, but shouldn’t be used for medical cases. It can be used for both children and adults, fitting all finger sizes!

  • The package comes with a carrying case, a lanyard, a protective cover that is shock resistant and 2 AAA batteries, providing 30 hours of continuous use.
  • The device also indicates when the battery is running low and shuts off automatically 8 seconds after the finger has been removed. The package comes in a custom made and foam padded box.
  • This device has a 2-year warranty and a support team that can be called at any time, providing you help and answers!

Innovo Delux Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review 13#

best pulse oximeter

This is one of the most advanced oximeters right now, showing both Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index (PI) in the same device, yet ensuring your SpO2 and pulse rates are taken accurately. The readings are shown on a high-resolution OLED screen, which can be rotated in 6 different directions. Unlike most other oximeters of this kind, this device is very versatile in terms of usage, as small movements are being corrected.

  • This device allows you to set limits for your SpO2 and pressure, alarming you when they are crossed. Some features like setting limits, your screen brightness, and audible beeps (for pulse) can all be adjusted easily.
  • However, this device only suits adults finger sizes and can only be used for aviation and sports purposes. It is not a medical device and as such should not be used for medical purposes.
  • This device was made in the US and is protected by the Intellectual property rights.

Portable Finger Pulse Oximeter Review: CONTEC CMS50D

best pulse oximeter

This compact device by LotFancy gives you accurate readings of your blood-oxygen saturation and heart rate. It gives you your results with a 2 digit accuracy presented on a LED display, which allows you to read your results even at night. This oximeter is the first in this review that warns you when your results are below critical limits and also has a feature which lets you know when you should increase your litre flow.

  • It is very small in size and lightweight, so it can be easily carried along during any kind of activity to monitor your health.
  • This device is from China and is both FDA and CE approved. It displays the blood-oxygen saturation level, pulse rate, and pulse wave.
  • It uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries and will shut off on its own after 5 seconds of inactivity. The power consumption with this one is very low, hence the battery lasts long. The product comes with a user manual helping you get started and a lanyard.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter by Quest: OXM-PC 60E

best pulse oximeter

This product measures blood-oxygen saturation levels, plethysmography, and pulse rates. It comes with an optional paediatric probe, which when connected, can be used to measure SpO2 levels in children. It fits any finger size and can be used both indoors and outdoors, for travel, sports and other kinds of activities.

  • This device is made our of plastic making it very lightweight and easily portable.
  • Its OLED colour display comes with an inbuilt sensor, which enables it to rotate a full 180 degrees automatically! This makes it possible to read the results with ease.
  • The oximeter comes with an external paediatric probe, a carry pouch, a lanyard, instruction manual and 2 AAA batteries – which will last longer due to its low battery indicator and automatic off feature, that shuts down the oximeter after 8 seconds after the finger is removed.

MightySat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review – The Most Expensive Pulse Oximeter

best home pulse oximeter

This fingertip oximeter by Masimo is one of a kind! It uses the hospital grade Masimo SET pulse oximetry – a technology that is proven to be very accurate under motion and in low perfusion conditions. Unlike most oximeters that measure only SpO2 and PI, this product also measures the Respiratory Rate(Rrp), Pleth Variability Index(PVI) and the Pulse Rate(PR).

  • It is also designed to indicate psychological variables such as; morning time, bedtime and even before and after exercise.
  • This brand is so accurate due to it’s Signal Extraction Technology that it is one of the leading brands even in hospitals. The reason for this is that this product is accurate even when there is movement or low blood flow in the body.
  • Along with this product comes the Masimo personal health app (available both in Google Play store and Apple store, freely downloadable). This app can be connected via Bluetooth to your oximeter, showing you more information, giving you more and better advice.
  • It is very light (2.4 ounces) making it easily portable.

Pulse Oximeter by Homedics Px-100 Deluxe Review

best home pulse oximeter

This device uses the clinically validated state of the art optometric technology to measure your SpO2 levels and pulse rate highly accurate. This oximeter is made in such a way that it can be used on the move without hurting the finger. Another special feature is the fact that even nail polish won’t cause any interference with the readings. It is not fit for medical use and should be used only for recreational and sports purposes.

  • The battery life of this device is truly amazing, lasting for as much as 10 times more than other fingertip oximeters on the market right now. The device also has an indicator which shows if the finger has been placed right or not.  The device turns off automatically if not used for 10 seconds.
  • The company gives consumers (not retailers) a warranty period of 2 years. The product package contains a lanyard and a storage pouch for your oximeter.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review: Choicemed

best nurse pulse oximeter

This in China designed product shows your SpO2 levels, pulse rate, pulse bar graph and the pulse signal strength. It provides you with accurate and reliable readings on the spot. It is only fit for sports and aviation purposes and should not be used as a medical device.

  • This device uses 2 AAA batteries that are included in the package. It indicates when the battery is running low and shuts itself down if not used.
  • The power consumption, in general, is low with this device. Due to its red LED display, it is easy to read the results in any lighting.
  • The whole package comes not only with the batteries, but also a durable protective pouch with a loop for the belt, a neck lanyard, and the instruction manual.

Finger Pulse Oximeter Review: Gurin GO-410

best pulse oximeter

This Santamedical fingertip oximeter is FDA approved. It measures your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate quickly and accurately. This device has bright LED display that shows not only the PR and the SpO2 levels but also the strength of the pulse rate. The device comes with a self-adjusting finger clamp suiting all finger sizes!

  • This oximeter uses 2 AAA batteries lasting for thousands of readings due to its low power consumption. You can check out your battery status anytime on its display. It also comes with an automatic power off feature.
  • The product comes in an attractive pink colour, it is light and compact. The package also includes the batteries, a lanyard, a carry case and the instruction manual.
  • This device is not fit for medical purposes but will give you a better idea of your health anyway. It has a 1-year warranty and good customer service.

Sports Finger Pulse Oximeter review: DigiHelath

best pulse oximeter

Even during low perfusion, this oximeter by DigiHealth(TM) measures haemoglobin saturation and heart rate very accurately. This is due to it’s advanced DSP algorithm. This oximeter uses digital processing for its readings.

The results are displayed on a dual coloured OLED display screen. The screen can be turned in 4 different directions, making it easier to view your results in different positions. Even the direction of the interface can be adjusted. It has 6 different display modes. It displays both the testing values and plethysmograph simultaneously.

The oximeter uses 2 AAA batteries and automatically turns off when the device hasn’t been used for or longer than 8 seconds. It can be used both adults and children, it fits all sizes.

Vive Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

finger pulse oximeter

The Finger Pulse Oximeter by Vive is an FDA approved oximeter which measures both your oxygen saturation level in the blood and the pulse rate.

It is fast, accurate, easy to use and clean – you just put your finger on the antimicrobial and anti-fungal latex free vinyl sensor. The rates are displayed on an LCD screen, showing both a bar graph and a plethysmograph. It also has an alarm that goes off if your results deviate from the present values. It can be used by all finger sizes, from children to adults.

This oximeter runs on 2 AAA batteries that come included in the package. This device also uses less power due to its low battery indicator and auto shut-off feature.

Each oximeter by these manufacturers is tested individually for accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about its quality. They also promise excellent customer service and give you a two-year money back guarantee.

Our Recommendation

  1. Nonin Medical GO2 Achieve Personal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Best For Respiratory Therapist)
  2. Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Best Overall)
  3. CMS 50-DL Pulse Oximeter (Best Cheap)

How To Select The Best Pulse Oximeter Which is Right For You?

The features to consider while selecting a Pulse Oximeter are:

  1. Accuracy and Consistency: Being a medical device your fingertip oximeter should be accurate and consistent. If not there is no use for such a device. The device should also be able to detect interference due to the ambient light or other factors and at least warn you about it.
  2. FDA Approval: The device should be FDA Approved.
  3. Display: You should be able to read the display in any lighting. The display should be clear and legible. The display should also be easy to manage and not have the user struggle with the device to be able to read it. You should also consider a device with an alarm.
  4. Durability: Most of the mentioned devices are made out of low-grade plastic. The reason behind      this is to manage the cost component. This material can get brittle after some time, however, you need to balance the cost with the quality f the device. Also, don’t ignore the warranties offered.
  5. Battery Life: Always look at the power consumption of the product you want. Also, search for one with an automatic shut-off system and low battery indicators.
  6. Budget & Features: The Pulse Oximeter has a price range from $15 – $ 350, although we wouldn’t advise you to buy the cheapest if you’re not a professional or have serious health issues you probably don’t need the most expensive ones.

Finally, ask your doctor and others for advice! Find the one that suits your purposes and your budget!


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