Best knee scooter guide with product reviews 2016

Best knee scooter or best knee walker provides a good alternative to crutches. This knee walker on our list is easy to storage and transport. When it comes to the best knee scooter, we made a list of the top all-terrain knee scooters help you out with the choice. It is known that knee scooters offer good support and stability for users. Comfort is not a question here.

Best knee scooter: All Terrain KneeRover


Ideal for people who are recovering from an injury or surgery of the foot, lower leg, ankle as well as amputees below the knee. It is surely an excellent alternative to crutches. Offers good support and versatility among knee walkers.

  • Outdoor and indoor use, all terrain knee scooter with 12-inch pneumatic tires. It is perfect for exploring your home, any terrain or workplace with ease. There’s no problem on grass, gaps, sidewalks or dirt.
  • Maneuvering is easy because the knee walker gives maximum stability and control. It offers an advanced automotive style steering mechanism and comes with an adjustable locking handbrake.
  • Comes with fully adjustable knee platform and handle bars, that fold easy with the new mechanism and is simple to transport. Due to all the cons, storage is not a problem with this knee walker.
  • With a heavy duty double bar construction, it offers unprecedented strength and good stability for a knee scooter. 400lb weight capacity. Recommended for individuals which height is 5′ to 5’6.

Best knee scooter number two: KneeRover HYBRID Knee Walker


This is the renewed knee scooter model. The hybrid knee walker comes in the game featuring 10 inches all terrain wheels. New pneumatic front wheels will give you maximum stability and freedom. With a good quality knee roller, you will get the ultimate freedom to navigate all sort of stable terrains.

  • Steering and mobility are easier thanks to the big wheels. With a style tie-rod steering mechanism and an adjustable locking handbrake on this walker too. As in the first product review, this knee walker is ideal for individuals which are recovering from an injury or surgery to the foot or lower leg parts.
  • It comes with 2 front axle options. All terrain 10inch wheels and the classic 8inch PU wheels which are easy to switch and provide buyers with 2 knee walker options in one.
  • The quick folding mechanism for easy transport or storage. Handlebars and knee platform are fully adjustable. Lightweight knee walker offers a 300lb weight capacity, recommended for 5′ to 5’6 individuals.

Best knee scooter number three: KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter


This is surely a simple knee scooter. Same thing here, perfect for individuals which are recovering from an injury or surgery to lower leg, ankle and below the knee amputees. It is an excellent knee scooter for an affordable price. One of the most proven and trusted knee walkers out there.

  • Excellent control and stability make it easier maneuvering. This steerable knee walker offer and adjustable locking handbrake and comes with a rear disc brake too. For maximum safety.
  • Normally used for indoor and outdoor use. it features four 7.5 inch nonmarking rubber wheels. The knee platform is comfortable with a contoured of 3.5 pieces and comes with a basket and it is right or left leg compatible.
  • It’s easy to storage and folds thanks to quick folding handlebars. Comes with fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform. It offers a robust 300 lb weight capacity and is recommended for 5′ to 5’6 persons.

Best knee walker number four: Economy Knee Scooter


Affordable mobility solution for individuals. One of the best knee walkers values in the industry. We have to say that the price is quite low and this makes the knee scooter affordable. Perfect for individuals that broken their foot or leg, or had foot surgery or below the ankle amputation or surgery.

  • This roller is an excellent alternative to crutches. Those rollers are surely more comfortable and stable than crutches. Made for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy steering and good balance is not a question.
  • It comes with four 7.5 inch rubber wheels. With a rear on wheel brake and adjustable locking handbrake. It features handlebars with a quick folding mechanism for easy storage and transport. Easily adjustable handlebars and knee platform for the perfect fit.
  • It weighs only 21 pounds and offers a robust capacity of 300 lb. Recommended for individuals with height from 4’6 to 6’6 height. It is perfect for kids and adults too and it comes in a nice black matte¬†color.

Best knee scooter number five: All Terrain KneeRover


This knee scooter is ideal for small adults and kids recovering from an injury or surgery to the foot, same as the above walkers but it is meant for smaller individuals of 4′ to 5’9 height. It is an excellent alternative to crutches and offers great stability and comfort.

  • 10-inch pneumatic tires make the knee walker perfect for indoor and outdoor terrains. You can navigate your home or explore other places such as dirt, grass, sidewalks.
  • With a heavy duty double bar construction it offers unprecedented strength and good stability for your knee. It offers 250 lb weight capacity. Fully adjustable knee platform and handlebars. Easy folding mechanism and adjustable locking handbrake.

Three products that could come in handy if you will buy a knee scooter:

Knee walker pad cover: Knee Walker Pad Cover

knee scooter pad

This is a stretchable elastic pad that securely fits over the knee pad for better comfort and air circulation. Distributing pressure evenly across knee pad with the extra cushion. It reduces pressure, irritation, and friction. It prevents everyday usage signs on the pad and prevents tearing the knee pad.

  • The cover is easy to clean. Remove cover and simply put it in the washing machine. Check the product description and label before washing.
Knee scooter pad cover: Knee Walker Knee Pad Cover

knee walker pad

Pad cover for knee scooters. It’s made from unique memory foam and the technology provides long lasting comfort. Pressure distribution is spread evenly across the knee pad platform. It is easy to install. Simply slip it onto the knee platform and pull to tighten.

  • Fits most knee scooters Including the: KneeRover PRO, Roscoe Economy Knee Scooter Crutch Alternative, All Terrain Knee Rover, All Terrain KneeRover Jr, KneeCycle, KneeRover Knee Scooter, Drive DV8 790.
Bandage watertight protection: Bandage Protector

  • Latex-free products are easy to use and guaranteed to perform well, you can buy it in different dimensions. It is meant to keep casts and bandages dry. One of the number one brands for cast and bandage protection. Keep water out during showering. It is a best seller on Amazon.

Conclusion for best knee scooter review

We hope our list for the best knee scooter was helpful and will make your choice easier when buying one. We want to provide the information wanted and help you out. If you like our article please share it on facebook or other social media.